Welcome back to TWE Re-Born, We are back from No Mercy and what a night it was for Re-Born, not only did Re-Born keep a hold of The Cruiserweight Title, but we also won the Brand V Brand Match. Umaga beat Raven of Revenge and he is being rewarded with a Title Match against New TWE Champion Edge at Cyber Sunday by GM Stephanie McMahon. Also at No Mercy as already stated Edge won the TWE title in an Elimination Fatal 4 Way Match against Rey Mysterio, Brian Kendrick and AJ Styles. The Hardy’s finally won The tag Team Title’s after beating DX, Beth retained The Women’s Title in a Fatal 4 Way against Awesome Kong, Mickie James and Gail Kim.

Event 1
Edge makes his way to the ring to celebrate his win at No Mercy, He goes onto to say he overcame the odds by winning the Elimination Fatal 4 Way Match, he says he has proved he is the best Re-Born has to offer. He then goes onto talk about Umaga, he thinks although Umaga may be a tough object to remove he is to slow to keep up with Edge. When he’s finished talking about Umaga he is interrupted by Rey Mysterio, Mysterio comes out with an announcement from Steph saying that his Match with umaga will have a Special Referee, there will be 3 contenders for this match which will be between himself, Rey Mysterio, Triple H or Rob Van Dam. This will be decided by The Fans and The Votes will start The Week before Cyber Sunday. Edge is not happy by this response, he then turns around to find Umaga in front of him, he then floors Edge with a Samoan Spike.

Event 2
Christian Cage Vs Lance Cade

Event 3
Paul Burchill and Chuck Palumbo have come forward and been The First to challenge The Hardy’s to their titles; they will be in action next in a Tag Match.
Paul Burchill and Chuck Palumbo Vs Evan Bourne and AJ Styles

Event 4
Elijah Burke is in Steph’s office, he is asking Steph for a 1 on 1 match against Chris Jericho, he tells Steph it should have been a match for No Mercy, but he will settle for it being a Main Event tonight. Burke is still unhappy about Jericho attacking him a few weeks ago off air after Jericho was eliminated from a US title Match; Jericho showed his frustration on Burke backstage. Steph refused Burke a Match last week and at No Mercy, Burke then accused Steph of being too involved with a certain Superstar, Steph still undecided on what to do then Rey Mysterio comes back to her office, Burke asks Rey to leave as he is having a private conversation. Steph then says Burke that only she has the right to remove people from her office and reminds him of her position. She then says that he will NOT get his match against Jericho Tonight as she already has plans for him and also has a Main Event being a US title Match, instead Burke will be in a Match against Rey Mysterio. Burke is furious with this decision and kicks the door open on his way out.

Event 5
Diva Tag Match

Beth and Cherry Vs Mickie James and Gail Kim

Event 6
Chris Jericho Vs The Miz

Event 7
Elijah Burke Vs Rey Mysterio

Event 8
Edge is backstage trying to speak to The Great Khali, Khali is scheduled to meet Umaga in The next Match, Edge tries to explain to Khali that if he seriously hurts Umaga he’ll make it worth is while. Khali does not understand what Edge is talking about and gives Edge The Khali Chop.

Event 9
The Great Khali Vs Umaga

Main Event
US title Match
Big Daddy V Vs Kane (c)

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WQ. What did you think to The Ending of Smackdown, who do you think will be fighting for The WWE Title at Cyber Sunday?

Sorry for The late post, don’t have a Internet connection at The moment. Can’t get online much at the moment. Will try to get everything posted still. Thanks for your time.
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