Diversity Day at Viroqua High School in Viroqua, WI has been cancelled due to disputes over which groups should be included. The liberal media is reporting that the school was under pressure from the community to exclude homosexuals so they cancelled the event: Here is what is really going on.

Diversity Day at the high school was not cancelled due to complaints about the inclusion of homosexuals. It was cancelled because the school did not want to include the viewpoints of Christians (they welcomed Hindu, Buddist, and muslim speakers) and former homosexuals (while including homosexuals).

They were going to exclude these two groups and a local resident contacted the Liberty Counsel (A law firm specializing in religious freedoms). The Liberty Counsel explained the laws that required them to include the viewpoints of the excluded groups. The school canceled their Diversity Day because they did not want Christian and former homosexual viewpoints expressed on their campus.
This is not an issue of seperation of church and state since the school was going to allow speakers representing non-christian religions.
it does not matter that Christians are not a minority. They still can’t legally be excluded.

The KKK is not a good comparison to Christianity, because Christians do not promote violence or racism. If they were excluding Al Queida than it would be. Give me an example of another religious group they should exclude and that would be relevant.
I got my info direct from the Liberty Council and they would be happy to send you the details. Check them out yourself.

The leftist media hates the Liberty Council because they keep winning cases against the ACLU.

The media is supposed to report stories as they happened. That means they have to research what the school says before they print it. They have to look at all sides of the story and not just one.
My agenda is to get out the truth.

So, being a “far right christian organization” automatically means that they are not a dependable source? That is a very exclusive view of things.

True, the liberty council has never actually participated in suing the ACLU. What I should have said is that they have repeatedly won cases against ACLU appointed and funded attorneys.

As for the friendship with Jerry Falwell, who lawyers of the liberty council are friends with, regardless of their placing in the firm, has no bearing on the dependability of their information.

Try again.
I have actually contacted the high school on this issue. They referred me to the district office who referred me to the superintendent. The superintendent is in a meeting right now, but I got his direct number and will be contacting him again. They said he would be out of his meeting at about 1:30 CT today. I’ll update you on what I find out.
Check it out yourself
David Johnston
District Administrator at Viroqua Area Schools keeps dodging my calls. Suprise. Suprise.
they already know what the homosexuals have to say too. That is not the point

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