Folks,,,, think of all the anti-democratic, stupid, pro-dictator stuff Obama has been into .. (1) spending trillions of dollars on useless PORK for his thug friends right off the back (2) shaming America with his apologies to the world, when no nation on earth has given more money or food or freedom to the world, (3) bowing down before the tyrant king of Saudi Arabia, (4) embracing murderous dictators like Chavez, (5) fighting against a smack down of a tyrant in Honduras, thus opposing democracy, (6) flying an airplane into low altitude in the heart of NYC like a 2nd 911 that scared a lot of people and cost close to half a million dollars, (7) running up an expense bill that is truly obscene, millions of dollars for him and his wife to live like royalty, (8) being in the church of Rev Wright for 20 years, a true hater of America, (9) putting over 30 czars in power of various public capacities, at US taxpayers’ expense, with no congressional oversight, (10) putting lunatic, racists in power like Van Jones, who has said so many wrong things you cannot comprehend what you are hearing from an inner advisor to the United States President, (11) flying the flag of Communist Red China at the US Capitol, (12) making pro-China comments concerning their system of government, (12) officially attending pro-Islamic religious events while forcing private Christian universities to cover up their regular religious iconic symbols when Obama visited these institutions, (13) nominating a supreme court judge who claimed that Latinos are better at making true just decisions than white judges, (14) subsidizing failing industries like GM with US dollars rather than forcing these companies to become more efficient, (15) prohibiting the exploration of oil at a time when our nation needs cheaper energy to grow the economy and create jobs, (16) working to destroy the coal industry which would create cheaper energy and jobs for Americans, (17) promoting the farce called global-warming-cap-and-trade, which thousands of scientists and millions of citizens understand to be a hoax, in order to tax energy in an outrageous fashion which would necessarily further cripple the US economy, increase dramatically energy costs to all Americans, and increase unemployment several factors more, (18) advocate the creation of a domestic military force, (19) advocate absolute control over the Internet by the US president, (20) advocate school time pro-Obama propaganda to be televised to all US school students, (21) released terrorists who were known to have killed Americans and yet seeks to criminally prosecute government officials who harshly interrogated top terrorist masterminds, (22) chose NOT to work to stop the release of the Lockerbie bomber who killed several hundred Americans, (23) working to stop the remembrance of 911 for what it is, a recognition that there are extremist, Islamic terrorists who killed 3000 Americans and still plan to, (24) refusing to release public information such as the names of guests to the White House, or past articles written by Obama, or a valid birth certificate, (25) called the correct handling of a domestic disturbance by Boston police as STUPID, implying it was racist, because the person in question was a friend of his and the police officer in question was white, (26) released from jail supporters who had were incarcerated for threatening anti-Obama voters with violence during the past election, (27) had homeland security falsely announce that there was a growing terrorist danger from conservative, right-leaning groups, (28) pushed for health care reform to be completed at such a rapid pace, a mere few weeks, so that non congress representative would have had the time to competently review a bill, thereby preventing dangerous or unjust systematic portions of the bill could be removed, improved, or revised, (29) lied on a regular basis concerning campaign promised to not have pork earmarks, to not have special interest groups have so much influence in Washington, to not tax the middle class, (30) falsely responds to criticisms of any policies as racism, and uses political power to attack dissenting individuals legally behind the scenes, (31) misallocation of funds used for homeland security by transferring these resources to locations where little or no threat exists, while the real danger areas, such as the Mexican border, go under-defended, and allow drug dealers, gangs, and kidnappers, rapists, and murders to enter our nation to the destruction of our communities and to do harm to our citizens,
(32) initially refused to condemn the killing, torture and rape of Iranian citizens protesting against thug-pro-terrorist leaders who had just stolen an election through voter fraud, (33) has amassed and organized the biased support of virtually all major TV news networks, who daily propagandize pro-Obama messages and conceal or distort all negative behavior described in just described 32 events / political efforts i

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