I am in leadership for a Christian ministry on a college campus and tonight, we had an event planned (I planned it) to visit a haunted corn maze. When we met to travel to the maze, it was raining and really cold, so several people said that they didn’t want to go. Most people were mature about it and said that just because they didn’t want to go, it didn’t mean other people shouldn’t go. However, there were some people who managed to convince the whole group that we shouldn’t go and as a consequence, we went to see a movie instead. I loved the movie, but I was put off by the way the night went. After the movie, it seemed like everyone dispersed without even one farewell. I have been noticing lately that the people in the ministry are becoming ruder to new comers and it seems as if one person is becoming the center of attention, almost like a high school clique. Should I talk to the ministry president about it or let it ride and see how things work out?

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