It’s tough to meet a nice, Christians these days. You are looking for someone with shared beliefs, a shared sense of humor, and who likes to have fun. So, what can you do? First, ask God to direct your paths. Then, take the necessary steps down that path in the right location.

 Location #1: Church

Go to church. Simple enough, right? Yes and no. It’s difficult these days with large church attendance to get plugged in. If you aren’t plugged in, how can you find and get to know that someone special? Here’s the trick: know where to look. If you’re a guy looking for a girl, try serving in the nursery or children’s ministry areas of service. If you’re a girl, try out for the church’s softball team or maybe a special prayer group. Not only will you be blessed by serving, but you’ll be showing the other person that you are committed to serving the Lord, which is definitely a positive attribute in the eyes of most Christians.

 Location #2: Church Activities

Many churches have fun events outside of church. BBQs, game nights, sports nights, bake sales, and many, many more events are available. If there aren’t any available at your church, then create one! Additionally, many churches have small group Bible studies or prayer groups. They are a great way to learn and to meet other people as well. From those groups, it may be easier to break off and create fun events like the ones mentioned above. The possibilities are endless.

 Location #3: Bible Colleges

Bible College is an excellent place to meet and get to know Christian singles. Asking classmates to study or eat lunch with you in the cafeteria is an excellent way to get to know someone. Whether you actually attend the school yourself or not, many Bible colleges have a common study area to study, hang out, play games, or get to know people. Some colleges even have their own coffee shop. So, meeting Christian dates is another excellent reason for receiving a college education.

 Location #4: The Internet

Some of you may have actually shuddered at the thought of meeting someone on the Internet. But, there are so many great reasons and ways to meet someone on the Internet these days. Apprehension at trying online dating sometimes occurs because of the myth that online dating is for those who can’t get dates. This is not the case. Most people don’t have time for dating. Hectic work schedules, family, and friends are already a lot to juggle. The thought of adding dating to the mix may feel daunting. But with online dating you can instantly eliminate much of the getting to know someone pre-work.

Many sites are designed to point you in the direction of Christians with similar interests, beliefs, and hobbies. Plus there is a larger selection of people to choose from. By simply clicking a button, you can have access to hundreds of profiles of people that you already have a lot in common with. The Internet makes dating infinitely easier and less time consuming.

 Meeting the love of your life doesn’t have to be complicated. You may just need to get creative and come up with some ideas similar to the ones above. Brainstorm some ideas that would work well for you and your lifestyle. Make a plan, and then go for it. Meeting your dream date can become a reality today!

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