So I’m thinking about going away to a christian college and need some advice. I’m currently attending a community college in chicago, this is my first year though, so I would be applying as a transfer student. Recently I have been pushed to pursue a degree somewhere in religion, and I’ve been thinking about it and have become really interested. So I started looking into some schools including, Baylor, Biola, PBA, Asuza. I have interest in all of them, but I’m just not sure which I should really try for, and if there are other schools that I don’t know about. So let me start off with what im looking for…

-If I go away, one of the MAJOR reasons would be to be able to leave chicago’s weather behind for a few years and go somewhere where the weather is beautiful. That’s got me really looking into Palm Beach. I really want to be somewhere where the weather is gorgeous year round and I can usually always walk around in a wife beater and some shorts.

-My specific passion is with the youth. Are there any christian schools that are known specifically for their excellence in this area? Just curious because it seems like almost all offer a degree in that area, but I haven’t found any site that ranks them according to their strength in youth.

-Social life. Anywhere I would go I would like to be fun, and I would like there to be LOTS of ways to meet new people. Now since Im christian, my ideas of funaren’tt necessarily skanky clubs, or getting drunk at the bars. I’m talking about lots of different stuff to do, different events going on, students into supporting the sports team specificallyy basketball). In general, just a wide variety of activities to do so I don’t get bored and that allows me to constantly see new faces and stuff. The last thing I would want is to get stuck being bored in a dorm for a few years to come. This is another reason I’m interested in PBA, I heard downtown is not too far.

-How strict is everything? I have no idea how strict these christian schools are. Now I dont believe in getting drunk or anything, but I cant lie, I’ll be a little bummed if there is no wheravailablebe for me to grab a beer and watch my Nuggets play every now and then lol. So not to sound arrogant, but for anyone who has gone to any or heard of any examples of harsh rules, I would like to know.

So basically that’s what I’m looking for. I really want whatever college I go to to be more than just for academics, but somewhere i can really enjoy and be happy about, and always remember. I don’t know why, but I feel strongly pushed to keep checking into Biola. However, Palm Beach is still looking really attractive with its wheather. Any other schools to look into in Florida or wherever the wheather is nice is still appreciated. Thx to all…

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