Okay so my best friend and I have been planning to go to Rock The Universe (a christian concert thing at universal studios) all summer together because she went last year and i didn’t get to go, and this will be her last year with us (she’s moving in spring) so i’m trying to spend a lot of time with her ‘cuz I’m REALLY sad she’s leaving, so I was gonna go with her and her whole church, and see some of my other friends that I havnt seen in awhile down there…

On the other hand I’ve been invited to this huge surprise birthday party (that my bff wasn’t invited to because she doesnt go to my school) for my other friend, who’s turning 16. The date of the party wasn’t confirmed when I agreed to it (they had to see what date they could rent this building out) and I was soooooo excited ‘cuz this would be my first real highschool party and my OTHER best friend was going to go with me and we were all excited together.

Well the date got confirmed and… it’s on the same weekend that I’m going down to Orlando!!!

Now I have to pick between my two best friends (well, one best friend and the other + the rest of my friends) and I don’t know…

I’ve already explained to both that I’m going to have to choose and they’re waiting on my answer… But every time I think I’ve picked one I get really upset I’ll miss the other and I change my mind!

So… now I’m asking YOU! Which one do you think will be better….?

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