Hank Hanegraaff calls himself the “Bible Answer Man” and appears very authoritative (his slogan is “Because Truth Matters”). On his radio show 8/1/08 he brought up “bacterial flagellum” as evidence of design in the universe. But it is widely known that this argument was demolished in the 2005 Kitzmiller v. Dover case (in which the judge concluded the ID proponents were lying). On youtube you can easily find** Ken Miller (a real scientist) explaining why it doesn’t hold up (he was an expert witness in the case).

Then I heard another speaker (Mike Kestler, I think) where he documents an “actual case of someone surviving being swallowed by a whale” (James Bartley). But after a quick search, I find this story is apocryphal*** (e.g., no records of him on the ship named, the ship was not a whaling ship, the captain’s wife admitted it was hogwash).

I see this over and over again. Can someone tell me: have these people lost their moral compass, or do these experts not know how to use Google? What is going on?

To Dee:
These people *are* spokespeople of the church. Christian radio station owners hire them, Christian listeners give them money, Christian sponsors run ads during their shows. In addition to my original question, I have to wonder why Christians don’t in general weed these “false teachers” out.

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