I know plenty of devout Christians, in fact quite a few entire Christian Churches that love and welcome gay and lesbian parishoners, even clergy.
I listened to Evangelical speakers discussing gay marriage, and they came away agreeing we deserve civil unions at a minimum, and always, respect as human beings.
my point is, your preacher may spit venom on gays and lesbians, but he is NOT CHRIST HIMSELF.
Ask yourself, What Would Jesus Do?
He sure wouldn’t be protesting soldier’s funerals to espouse God’s wrath against America for coddling gays.
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Hey you ! Gay! I support all those Christians, Jews and Muslims for condemning same sex por.n.o . This is a crisis that started at the time of Abraham!And yes it still continous……our kids ,relatives ,friends are all in danger!
kill em all!”

Pardon me? same sex por.n.o . This is a crisis that started at the time of Abraham?

would that have been on betamax? who mentioned por.n.o? and if porn is demeaning, isn’t male/female porno the same? I don’t know if you are not a native English speaker, but you’re not communicating clearly.
Love the sinner,hate the sin.You either believe in the Lord and his teachings,or you don’t.We welcome gays in our church,but that doesn’t mean you will be married in it.”

I appreciate the welcome, and I’m not asking to be married in your church. I’ll ask that while I’m there, I hear more of love than hate in the sermon from the minister, and the parishoners. From what you’ve said, I’d enjoy a Sunday morning sharing a pew with you.

“one family is responsible for most of the protesting,and they’re Baptist.”

actually, they are members of one particular Baptist church, and for the most part, are also related (read:inbred) I was raised a Baptist, but there’s no way anyone from my church would protest like that.

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