The most common response to non-Christians asking Biblical questions is that we take scripture out of context. Meaning, we don’t pay attention to the critical “who, what and where” of a scriptural quote, so we don’t understand the speakers message. Women speaking in church, or Jesus bringing a sword and setting family members at war against each other, are common examples.

However, when Christ gives the “fig tree” speech, telling those people in front of them that THEY will see certain things happen, and know that when THEY do, it will be the time of his return, all context is thrown out. In context Christ is speaking to a specific group of individuals of specific generation. Yet the entire Christian faith is based on taking it out of context, and interpreting it to mean some other people of some future generation. He doesn’t say “if” they see those things happen, he says “when” they see those things happen. He doesn’t say “they,” (some future generation) he says “you” (the people standing in front of Him). Why is that?
Very dissapointed, but not surprised, inthe lack of Christian response.
So, Marvel you agree that the entire Christian faith is based on the false claims made about Christ’s return?

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