Why don’t Christians fundies just admit that they are not mad about President Obama not publically recognizing the National Day of Prayer? They are upset because he is pro secular and refuses to be their mouth piece in the White House. The only way you would have been happy today is if he had lead a strictly Christian prayer and had Christian only speakers at the White House. Why don’t Christian fundies admit that they are upset because their days of tyranny are coming to an end? Note this post is just for the Christian fundamentalist out there. My thanks and admiration goes out to all the open minded Christians.
All right people get your panties out of a bunch. I see nothing wrong w/ a national day of prayer. However Christianity is not the only religion in this country. I think that if it’s going to be recognized by the government then speakers from all faiths should be invited to the White House to Speak and Pray. Not just the Christians. President Obama should not be critized because he chooses to pray in private.
Can any fundies honestly tell me that if President Obama prayed to any deity other than the Christian one they would not be upset? Remember lying is a sin in your religion.

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