Smackdown Intro:

Jim Ross And Tazz Came Out For Commentry.

Event 1:Stephnie McMahon Comes Out And Said “There Is Something Difrent In The Plans Fans,At Judgement Day it Will Be A Wwwe Championship Scramble,Featuring Undertaker The Wwwe Champion,My Love Chris Jericho,The Ultimate Opurtiunist Edge And The Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle,There Is One Spot Remaining And It Will Be Big Show Or Christian Beacause They Will Be Face To Face Tonight.Tonight Edge Will Battle Undertaker In A Steel Cage.Chris Jericho Will Battle Vladimer Kozlov In A No Holds Barred.Kurt Angle Will Face Paul London And Brian Kendrick For The Wwwe tag Team Championship And His Parner Will Be Aj Styles.

Commercial Break:Mr.Kennady Behind Enymies Lies Trailer.

Event 2:Wwwe Tag Team Championship:
Kurt Angle And Aj Styles B. Paul London & Brian Kendrick(C).

Replay:Kurt Gave An Angle Slam To Brian Kendrick,But Kendrick Gave An Tag To London.

Aj Gave An Styles Clash To Paul London For The Win.

Aj And Kurt Are The New Wwwe Tag Team Champions,Suddenly Tomko Music Started Kurt Was Shocked AndWas Looking At Aj,Aj Said he One Of Us And Christian Is AlsoOne Of Us,Its The Angle Allince!.

Event 3:Chris Jericho Confrotes Big Show Backstage,Show Tells After Beating Christian Tonight.Jericho Will Be Destructed At Judgement Day.

Comercial Break:Mickie James And Melina,Please Dont Try This At Home!.

Event 4:No Holds Barred.
Chris Jericho B. Vladimier Kozlov

Replay:Vladimer Kozlov Was Readdy For An Chokeslam But Jericho Gave An Codebreaker But Still Cant Pin Kozlov.

Kozlov Arranged Two Tables And Put A Steel Chair On It.

Kozlov Was Readdy For An Chokeslam On The Tables But Jericho gave An Step Up Enzigiri And Kozlov Fell Down On The Table.

Jericho Gave An Lionsalt On Kozlov Who Was Lying On The Tables For The Win.

Stephnie McMahon Comes Out And Celebrate The Win With Jericho.

Event 5:Micheale McColl Backstage Getting Raddy For Her Bra And Panties Match Against Maria And The Special Refree Is Divas Champion Maryse.

Event 6:Bra And Panties match:
Micheale McCool B. Maria,Special Ref Maryse!.

Replay:Maria Rips Of Michelae Bottom.

Micheale McColl Gave An Stink Face To Maria.

Micheale Rips Maria Top And Throw On Maryse Face.

Maria Tried To Remove Micheale Top But Micheale Removed Maria Bottom.

Micheale Throw The Bottom On A Maryse Face Again!.

Maryse Removed Micheale Bra And Michelae Goes UnderThe Ring,Hiding,Security Came And Gave An Top To Micheale To Come Out.

Commercial Break:Stephnie McMahon Makes The Divas Championship Match A Bra And Panties match.

Event 7:Christian B. Big Show InA Qualfiying Match

Replay:Big Show Was Readdy For An Chokeslam But Christian Gave An Twist Of Fate.

Show Was Reasdy For An K.O Punch But Angle Allince Came And Distract The Refree And In Meanwhile Christian Hit Show With A Steel Chair And ThenA Splash For The Win,Then Kurt And Christian Stare At Each Other And Hug,Teh Angle Allnnce Sand Tall In The Ring.

Event 8:Jeff Hard Came And Grabs A Mic And Told The Fans The ECW Championship Scramble Will Feature,ECW Champion,His Brother Andhes Greatest Enymey,Matt Hardy,Kane,Shelton Benjamin,Kofi Kingston And The Daredevil Jeff Hardy!.Matt Hardy Came And Said Jeff You Will Get This At Judgement Day,Matt Gave A Twist Of Fate To Jeff.Shelton Came And Gave An Super Kick To Mat.Kofi Came And Gave An Trouble In paradise To Benjamin,Kane Came And Gave An Gave A Chokeslam To kofi,Kane Was Standing Tall In The Ring And Every Man Was Down.

Main Event:Edge B. Undeertaker-

Replay:Undertaker Gave An Last Ride But Still Edge Was In Form.

Chris Jericho Came And Distracts The Ref In Mean Whle Christian Came And Attack Undertaker With A Steel Chair Edge Pin Tajer After An Spear.

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Judgement Day:

World Heavy Wheight Championship Scramble:John Cena(c) vs HHH vs RVD vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio.

Wwwe Championship Scramble:Undertaker(C) vs Edge vs Chris Jericho vs Kurt Angle vs Christian.

ECW Championship Scramble:Matt Hardy(C) vs Jeff Hardy vs Kane vs Shelton Benjamin vs Kofi Kingston.

Divas Championship:Bra And Panties Match:Maryse(c) vs Maria vs Micheale McCool.

Cm Punk vs JBL,Winner Face John Cena At One Night Stand In A…………Ladder Match.

Womens Championship,I Quit Match:Trish Stratus(C) vs Lita vs Candice Micheale.

Beth Pheonix And Santno Marella At Rosa Debut!.

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