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You’re Hired! How To Get A Job

Since 1989, Jim Ferrell has been teaching a fascinating course called “You’re Hired! How to Get a Job.” This course shows you how to be in the top 5% of all job applicants. He has interviewed more than 4000 people throughout his business career, and he can tell you that only a very, very few percent ever get anywhere near the top 100 walk-in into the room.

Most people do not know how to apply for a job, so therefore, Jim teaches it in a very unique way. He’ll teach you how to go and claim your job all because of your temperaments. You know, your temperaments tell a lot about you, that is really you. So therefore, you need to tell a prospective employer exactly what you can do for them and he will break this down on an individual basis in the course and show you exactly what your temperaments are, what you can do, and how you can go in and claim it and tell your employer, “This is what I do.”

For your Christian folks, it’s called the Spiritual Gifts and we also have the spirit controlled temperament.

So in the course, we will go through this and assist you into getting into the top 5% of all job applicants with these proven techniques.

God Bless you.

  • Rise to the top 5% of all job applicants
  • Reinvent and Reposition yourself in the work force.
  • Have FUN looking for a job
  • Jim Ferrell has interviewed over 4000 job applicants in his vast business career and only a few applicants have stood out. He promises to make you stand out!
  • Get the right mindset and appearance.
  • How to do the right research on prospective employers and why.
  • The right resume that will get you through the door and into the top 5%.
  • How to be one of the 5% that will ace the job interview.
  • How to know what your temperament is so that you will apply for the right job for you.
  • How to quickly tell what your prospective employers temperament is and how to use this knowledge to get a job.
  • How to keep a job.
  • Bonus chapter for our Christian friends on using Spiritual Gifts in the work force.
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